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Well you all have not seen Ash as an actress so far. But now you all ash fans would be able to see Aishwarya as an actress. Her director as well as co-stars approved of it in this film of her.
Sizzling,Charismatic Ash has done lot of work about her dancing. She has done it before also but she has never been this sensational before. You will see her dancing in various moods cool, furious, happy and so on.
How many moods have you seen ash so far ??? 1, 2, 3 Well no more guesses. In this movie she comes with innumerable moods and every one of it is tremendously supported by her acting.
Delicate ash ! Lovable ash !! Adorable ash !!! She is like this only. The more adjectives you find the more get added to her credit.
The remarkable quality Ash has shown this time is she has looked so much natural. As everyone thought before, being a model she was very much artificial in her acting initially...
...but slowly slowly she is looking spontaneous in her acting, dialog delivery and many other related areas. She has taken her time but better late than never :-D
Never before, she has looked as  sensuous,  animated, vivacious and effervescent as she is in TAAL. she is truely in rhythm in this movie :-)
Here are some more snaps for you all Die Hard Ash Fans !! 


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